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1. General

What is BestAurora4U.com?

BestAurora4U.com is a PTC/GPT site that allows you to earn money by simple tasks like clicking on ads, completing offers etc.

How to make money with BestAurora4U.com?

To make cash several means are available to you:
- PTC: Earn money by clicking on ads.
- PTR: Earn money by viewing ads.
- PTRE: Earn money by reading emails.
- PTSU: Earn money by signing up to offers.
- Offers: Earn money by completing simple tasks like clicking ads, watching videos, playing games, ...
- Lottery: Buy a ticket and win cash!
- Monthly purchase contest: Make a purchase and win points!
- Montly referral contest: Get new people to our site as their referrer and earn points!
- Monthly ticket contest: You get tickets for being active on our site. The more active you are, the more tickets you get. The more tickets you have, the higher chance to win! You can win points.
- Monthly click contest: The more ads you click, the higher chance to win! You can win points.
Note: Coins can be converted to cash or ad credits. Points can be converted to ad credits.
You can earn traffic exchange credits by browsing sites on BestAurora4U.com.

2. Registration

Is registration free?


How to join BestAurora4U.com?

To join us, you must register. Click on Join, fill in the form and confirm it. Verify your email address by clicking on the link in email we sent you and fill in the number (you will find it in the email too).

I have not received the registration email, what should I do?

You can resend the email.
Click on Login. Find Activate Account link under the form, click it. Then click on Resend Activation Code. Enter your username and click on Resend Activation Code button.

Do not forget to check your spam folder and filtering.

Do I get any sign-up bonus?

Yes. Everyone gets 50 Traffic Exchange credits for sign-up.
While site is in beta, everyone gets also VIP Membership for month.

3. Account

How many accounts can I have?

Read ToS point 1.1.: You are not allowed to create more than 1 account per person, household or I.P. address. Any attempt to create more than one account will lead to the termination of all of them.

4. Referrals

What referral limits you have?

We have these referral limits:
10 referrals for standard membership,
10 referrals for VIP membership,
25 referrals for Referrer membership,
25 referrals for Silver membership,
35 referrals for Golden membership,
50 referrals for Platinum membership,
100 referrals for Ultimate membership,
20 referrals for Advertiser membership,
10 referrals for Solo 1 membership,
15 referrals for Solo 2 membership,
20 referrals for Solo 3 membership,
25 referrals for Solo 4 membership.

How many lines of referrals can I have?


My referrals are inactive for a long time, can you remove them from my account?

No we dont remove them. However as stated in our ToS point 2.6.: You can recycle your inactive referrals for a little recycle fee.

How much do I earn from my referrals?

Referrals clicks:
Standard membership - 5%
VIP membership - 10%
Referrer membership - 100%
Silver membership - 25%
Gold membership - 30%
Platinum membership - 35%
Ultimate membership - 45%
Advertiser membership - 15%
Solo 1 membership - 10%
Solo 2 membership - 15%
Solo 3 membership - 20%
Solo 4 membership - 25%

Referrals upgrade:
Standard membership - 0%
Referrer membership - 2%
VIP membership - 0%,
Silver membership - 1%
Gold membership - 2%
Platinum membership - 3%
Ultimate membership - 5%
Advertiser membership - 1%
Solo 1 membership - 0%
Solo 2 membership - 0%
Solo 3 membership - 0%
Solo 4 membership - 0%

Referrals purchase:
Standard membership - 0%
Referrer membership - 2%
VIP membership - 0%
Silver membership - 0%
Gold membership - 0%
Platinum membership - 0%
Ultimate membership - 0%
Advertiser membership - 1%
Solo 1 membership - 0%
Solo 2 membership - 0%
Solo 3 membership - 0%
Solo 4 membership - 0%

Why didnt I get anything from my referrals today?

Because you did not click any PTC ads yesterday. We have this rule: You have to click at least 1 PTC Ad today to earn from your refferals tomorrow.

5. Payments to Users

What payment methods do you support?

For purchases: Payza, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay.
For withdrawals: Payza, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and Bitcoin.

What is the payout minimum and maximum?

Minimum is $1.5 for Payza, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and Bitcoin.
Maximum is $10.

When I will receive my payment?

Standard members: Payments will be processed and issued within 1-30 days of request.
Upgraded members: Payments will be processed and issued within 1-14 days of request.

When can I request another payment?

See ToS 5.5.: You can only request one payment at a time.
See ToS 5.6.: You can request next payment after certain number of days from the last payment. The number of days depends on the type of membership.

Standard membership - 30 days
VIP membership - 30 days,
Referrer membership - 25 days,
Silver membership - 25 days,
Golden membership - 20 days,
Platinum membership - 15 days,
Ultimate membership - 10 days,
Advertiser membership - 30 days.

What fees do I pay?

Payza - 9%
Perfectmoney - 9%
SolidTrustPay - 9%
Bitcoin - 15%

Payza - 9%
Perfectmoney - 9%
SolidTrustPay - 9%
Bitcoin - 15%

What do I have to do to receive another payment?

See ToS point 5.9.: You have to upload your payment proof on our forum after receiving payment in order to be able to receive another payment.

Why didnt I receive my payment in time?

We are profit-sharing site. Everything we earn goes to payments to members and website costs. If we have no purchases from advertisers or members like buying advertisement or upgrading account, payments will be halted.

6. Cannot find your answer here?

I did not find my answer here.

Search our Knowledgebase.

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