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How to create a PTC/Link Ad?


1) You have credits on your account.

a) Log in to your account. Go to Account -> Manage Ads.
b) Select "Paid to Click Ads" and click on Manage.
c) Click on Create New Ad.
d) Fill in the Title, Target URL (URL of the site you promote, your reflink etc.) and PTCBanner URL (URL of the banner image).
e) (Optional) If you want your add to be shown only to members from certain countries, click on Show Country List, select the countries. If you want your ad to display to everyone, dont select anything.
f) (Optional) Choose if you want the ad to be show only to upgraded members. If so, tick "Premium Members Only?".
g) Now click on Add Link.
h) Then you have to add credits to your ad. Click on Add, select that you want to add credits from your account, then write there how many credits you want to assign to the PTC ad.

2) You dont have credits on your account
so you have to buy some.

Go to Shop -> Advertising -> Paid to Click Credits. Choose amount and click on Buy Now!
(You can buy some of our Specials too. You will get more kinds of credits for much better price ratio).
Then go through all the steps till your purchase is done.
When you receive the credits (it is instantly after we receive the payment), continue with step 1) in this tutorial 1) You have credits on your account.

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